The Washington State Paid Family and Medical Leave insurance programs to become effective on January 1, 2019.  Premiums and withholding information are available here.

NOTE:  The instructions below use feature changes in Release 9.2.2 Year-end Patch.

If you use Shelby Financials Payroll, you can set up two deduction types, one for Family Leave and one for Medical Leave.  Below are screenshots showing the needed configurations.  The Illustrations assume that you will also want to track each insurance type in their own liability accounts, and automatically post the employer’s share.

You also need to add the two new deduction types to each active employee’s record.  Use the following 3 screenshots as a guide. 

Note:  Use % Gross for both types.  Set Family Leave Amount to .1332%.  

 Set Medical Leave to .12% and  Medical Leave Matching to .15%.

´╗┐These settings equal the current rate of  .4% of gross pay for the two programs..

2 thoughts on “Washington State Family and Medical Leave”

  1. Alfred – I am new to SNF and trying to figure out how to report the data for the state (due July 31, 2019 for 1st and 2nd quarters). In Ad Hoc reports, I can get a report for gross pay (on one line per employee) but can’t figure out how to get gross hours to be on one line (I get several lines, based on compensation type (regular, sick, etc.). Here is the format that we have to submit the data: Filing/Importing Paid Family and Medical Leave wage records.pdf

    Also, through Ad Hoc reports, the SSN is a field in a table (Core Person table), but when selected, it doesn’t display (Shelby is working on this).

    Ideas, suggestions?


  2. Betsy, I have sent you an email with some details. But the short anser is that we are working on both the Ad Hoc utility to open up the Social Security number and looking to add a report format available in Payroll that will fit WA requirements.
    Thanks for the note.

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