4 thoughts on “Statement of Functional Expense – Sneak Peek”

  1. Thanks, Bill. We worked on the design for about 3 months, trying to make it as flexible as possible and still produce a standard Statement of Functional Expense report.

  2. Our Conference and I assume others really need a report that shows what department / accounts were classified both natural class and to either program or General Administration. Auditors want to know what accounts you included in the classes etc. I have called Shelby Support only to find out that this does not exist. Can we make this a priority? We desperately need a report that will provide this information. It may be that you could add this to the Chart of Accounts Report.
    Thank You.

  3. Myra, a report showing how each account is linked is on the Financials Road Map to be completed before year’s end.
    Question, did your auditors give you any clue as to how they want the report structured?

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