With Financials Release 11.1 we have added a new feature that allows headquarter users to set up a pledge for an activity and then create one or more sub-activities. When a sub-activity exists, users can post a remittances to a sub-activity, and the program will apply the amount to the parent activity. Remittance statements will automatically honor your sub-activities.

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2 thoughts on “Remittance Now Supports Sub-Activities”

  1. Love this site. It is more helpful everyday. I was working in Ad Hoc Reports and I have a question. Our account has
    15 companies. I thought that if I was in one company, the report would run detail for that company, but it runs it
    for all of them. How do I select the data from one location only? Thank you for any direction you can provide.

  2. Hi Margaret:
    You will want to use the SSCompany Entity
    Select CompanyNumber to include just the company number
    And/or Select Name for the Company number
    Then, in your Ad Hoc Query, just use the filter for either the number on Name, and select just the company you want in your report.

    Thanks for asking. Have fun writing queries.

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