My work with Shelby Systems started a little over 21 years ago.  For the first 8 years we lived in Midland, TX, and I traveled most of the time, training and working with Shelby customers.  For the next 13 years we lived in Cordova, TN where I worked out of the Shelby System offices.

Yesterday, we moved to Dothan, Al, and I will be working out of my home office.  We are grateful to Shelby Systems as I continue working as the the Financials Product Manager / Owner.  It is a blessing to be able to be fully connected with our expanding team, and physical location is of little matter.

Watch for more posts on using Financials


8 thoughts on “Personal Note – Starting New Chapter in Life”

  1. I hope you enjoy your new location. 🙂 I can only assume there are family or other good reasons to chose Dothan AL over other options such as Honolulu Hawaii!

  2. Technology makes so many things possible that were once not possible. It is an amazing time in which we live. Blessings on this new chapter, and grace for all of the change a move will involve.

  3. Bob, yes. We have know for a few years that we needed to be closer to one of our kids. It was a very hard choice to not move to Texas to be near our daughter and her family.

  4. Right. I have been watching my work over the past 3 years. Most of my work activity is working remotely with associates, customers, prospects, etc. So, with my current assignment, location is not very important as long as Internet access is available.

  5. Alfred, congratulations on your move. So glad you are still the SNF owner. I can’t imagine Shelby software without you.

  6. We will miss your wisdom and humor around the office but glad we’re still working together.

  7. Louie, it is always good to hear from you.
    Thanks for the note and encouragement.
    Hope to see you in June at ISC.

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