• AD Hoc Reports can display Social Security Numbers
  • Accounts Receivable option to use ACH in Payment Processing
  • Accounts Receivable new payment option added to recurring charges
  • Pension Billing includes an option for non-standard Pension Types


AD Hoc Reports now allows users who have proper security rights to include Social Security numbers in an Ad Hoc Report.  The Social Security Number is found in the Core Person Entity.

In Accounts Payable under Manage Payment Processing, we have added ACH as a form of payment. Then, under Manage Recurring Charges, the program now allows users to create ACH transactions, which will be applied to the oldest outstanding invoice.

Pension Billing now supports a Non-Standard billing type.  Setting up a billing type with ZEROs in both the Percent and Limit fields will allow the user to manually enter values on individual participants’ records.  This non-standard type will not recalculate even on records that are not marked Non-Standard

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