5 New Features

When you first log in to Financials 9.7 Release, you will be greeted with a few pop-up screens highlighting the 4 new features listed above. Alerts and Notifications are the first.

You can also create a new single sign-on MinistryID password, which also provides access to other Ministry Brands products that you use.

If you are a heavy user of Accounts Receivable and use recurring postings, then perhaps the new Create Invoice Only for customers that pay by ACH will be helpful.

If you work in a headquarters office, such as a United Methodist Annual Conference, then the new export values from Remittance to a spreadsheet utility is exactly what you have been waiting for.

Also, check out the improved Export to CSV and Excel format available in the following reports:
*Detail Ledger Report – csv
*Statement of Financial Position – csv (coming soon)
*Statement of Activities – csv (coming soon)
*Budgeted Financial Statement – xlsx
*Financial Spreadsheet – xlsx

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