If you are accustomed to using your Tab key (or the + key) to move from one field to the next, and you have to tab several times across fields that you never, or seldom use, then you are going to love this new feature

Shelby Financials’ 12.4 Release (August 12, 2021) adds a tool where you can have the program hide fields you never use, cutting down on the number of times you might have to click the tab key or grab your mouse and move to the next section. It also lets you show fields that you occasionally need but have the tab key skip over that seldom-used field.

You can configure your own AP Invoice screen by opening Accounts Payable and going to Manage Unposted Transactions and then click on the new Preferences button.
Checkmark just the fields you want to show on the entry screen in the first column, Show.
In the second column, Skip, just checkmark any fields that you want to tab over, but still use when needed.
Save your settings. Test the results. Return to Preferences to modify anytime you want to make a change.

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