Need to create Accounts Receivable Invoices for a selected group of people – FAST?
Well, now you can

  1. Just open Shelby Financials, Accounts Receivable application, hover over Modify and then choose Customer Information
  2. Click Search on the Filters tab
  3. Place a check mark beside each customer’s record that you want in the group
  4. (Optional) Review the list you have selected by setting the view filter to “Selected”
  5. Next, hover over Enter and choose Invoice
  6. On the Person Search screen, enter just one of your selected customers
  7. At this point you will get a small screen providing an option to “Use Selection Group” Click that link
  8. At this point you will be able to see the count of selected records, so go ahead and create an invoice. The program will create a separate, but identical invoice for each customer in your selected group

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