Alfred Johnson

Considering moving to ShelbyNext | Financials and/or Arena Select Hosted? The following points may help with your decision. 1. Hardware Costs – Based on figures from a current customer: the cost for new servers, software server licenses, installation, and implementation on are approximately $9000. Ongoing IT service can average over $500 per month. With a […]

As long as your accounting package provides tools to align with FASB 117 and GAAP guidelines, then you might find the following tips helpful in using your current software. Do not readily accept someone’s view that the software cannot perform a needed function. Verify by checking with the supplier’s support and/or training department. Invest in […]

Introduction: Church members not only look for spiritual leadership from their pastoral staff, but also have expectations that donations made will be used wisely. Often, they expect leadership to provide financial reports produced from a reliable accounting package verifying their trust. Evaluating Financial Applications Fortunately, pastors and church leaders do not have to be an […]

When I saw  headlines in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune News concerning a church treasurer that embezzled $240,000, I started remembering a number of such cases that I became aware of during my days on the road training users of Shelby’s financial modules.  While a number of church  embezzlement cases make headlines, many cases are never reported to […]