Alfred Johnson

History:  More than 20 years ago, I was managing a retail pharmacy which started accepting credit cards.  We had a bookkeeper that worked a couple days a week and was paid by the hour.  I discovered that she was spending a lot of time trying to reconcile batch reports and bank statements.  Often the search […]

OVERVIEW:   The state of Oregon’s new Transit Tax goes into effect on July 1, 2018.  This tax applies to all employees, whether exempt or not and is based on gross wages.  Currently, this tax will not be reported on Form W-2, but that might change next year. If your employees are subject to this tax, then use […]

The steps below may provide all the information you need to get started using this new Shelby Financials reporting tool.  However, you also might like to review 3 lessons that will help you get the hang of it.  See Lesson links below. Start the Utility Open Internet Explorer (I.E.) Login to Shelby Financials. Hover over Utilities […]

Using Relationships in Financials' Accounts Receivable

Overview:  Relationships has been added to Shelby Financials in Release 9.0.  This utility allows users to group family members together along with additional responsible people.  It is most useful when creating invoices for daycare or school students, as customers, but sending AR statements to the person who is responsible for paying the bill, the Bill […]

Introduction: The basis for determining the best practice for using Shelby Financials Accounts Payable application may depend on the size of your staff and a few other factors.  However, there are two primary rules that you should consider having in place.  1) Checks and balances involving more than one person for paying any invoice, along […]

Remittance HQ - New Application Included with Financials Release 9.0

The new Remittance HQ application allows headquarter offices to track pledges and receipts from your reporting churches.  Denominational dioceses, conferences, districts, etc. can use the application’s tools to import apportionments and receive remittances.  For more information contact a Shelby Systems Sales Consultant.

Relationships Added in Release 9.0

The Relationships tool (added with release 9.0) is designed to help organizations that have a daycare or school. Best practices for billing for child care or tuition requires setting up the child/student as the Customer and then linking a parent or other responsible person as the Bill To. Before Release 9.0, finding a parent or other […]

ShelbyNext Financials currently has the Purchasing Management application, which allows users to request approval for some purchase.  It also has a robust approval process which even links to Accounts Payable.  We are adding a new option which works similar to the purchase approval.  This new option tracks invoices related to approved purchases.  Once an invoice […]

Introducing the New Ad Hoc Report Tool

The May release contains several new features, one of which is the Phase 1 Ad Hoc Report tool. Our hosted financial users have been requesting a replacement for v.5 ShelbyQUERY for some time.  So, we have been trying to build such a tool which is secure enough to use in the hosted environment and, can be […]