Shelby Financials supports a way to send a Remittance Statement to one or two alternate contacts.  In versions prior to Release 9.6, users that also had Arena could connect Remittance statements to selected Arena Relationship types.  In practice we found that Remittance users needed an easier way to select, update, and change individual names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, etc.  Starting with the 9.6 release, the application no longer uses Relationships but rather uses a direct link to selected records.  This change allows users that have Arena to make any changes to an individual record in Arena or in Remittance and the change will appear in both Financials and Arena.  The Remittance Statement now includes Alternate Contact 1 and Alternate Contact 2 fields for displaying and sending statements

Click here to download full instructions for adding alternate contacts to Remittance Statements

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