The older I get the more stories I tell.  I guess that is because I have had the opportunity to do a lot of different things in life.  Preached for 32 years, served on the board of directors for a Bible training institute, taught business and computer classes at a junior college, worked for J. C. Penney as a store manager, owned several small businesses, and managed an independent drugstore.  For the past 24 years, I have been working with churches and Para-church organizations through my association with Shelby Systems, Inc.  Shelby Systems publishes financial and people management software for the faith-based vertical.  Currently, I am the Financials Product Owner for  Shelby Financials and Arena which is bookkeeping and record management programs sold by several Ministry Brands companies.

I have been a Ham (amateur radio operator) since high school days, like to play with yo-yos (that is a toy, not a personality type), and am fascinated by emerging technologies.

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  1. Hi Mr. Johnson, I have a question regarding Stock donations. I’ve worked in church finance in various churches with various accounting software programs. All of the programs I have worked in, recommend creating a separate batch for stock donations/checks. I have recently been asked if that is necessary. Could you explain why this recommendation is in place? Also what would be the affect of including it in normal contribution batches and just marking it as non-cash?

  2. Hi Karla. Using Shelby v.5, Arena, or ShelbyNext Membership should not require you creating a separate batch for non-cash gifts.
    Thanks for the question.

  3. Alfred,

    I’d like (again) to request some changes be made to the Comparative Trial Balance report in ShelbyNext. As I mentioned before, there are extraneous lines in the headings on that report. Also, the headings that are there are not centered. The report doesn’t export to Excel very well, and it appears it can only be printed horizontally. In V5, that report printed vertically and it looked fine. This seems (by far) to be the one report that went off track the most from V5. (Not your fault, of course!)

    I trust all of this can be resolved in an upcoming version update. Thank you.

  4. Hi Jim. We posted an upate this week. Just checked to see if the Comparative Trial Balance report’s header was changed. Looks the same, so will try to get it addressed in a future release.

  5. Is it possible to put a filter on the pledge analysis report (pledge details) in Membership? We need to have an end of the month option to see how much has been given toward the campaign and percentages of contributions for the month ending.

    If we pull the report at the beginning of the next month, it always includes any giving for that month that has been given through online giving. We really need a true end of the month amount.

    Is this possible…maybe in the works?

  6. Hi Tricia. Sorry for the long delay. Currently I do not keep up with current development and changes in ShelbyNext Membership, so don’t know the answer to your question.
    However, we are about to release a new application in ShelbyNext Financials that I believe would provide the type of information you are looking for.
    Check with your Sales Consultant about seeing a demonstration of Donors and Gifts.

  7. Mr. Johnson,

    Is there a way in Shelbynext to run a Ad Hoc Report with the Name and User(s) in Approval Path that we can export? We could do this in v5, but I am not finding anything like this now. We need to send a report to the auditor and with the exception of taking screenshots of every page I am hoping you might have a better solution.

    Thank you in advance for any assistance or advice,


  8. Travis, thanks for asking for the Purchasing Management Approval Paths list of Approvers. I have created an Ad Hoc Report that provides that information, and have posted the steps in this blog for anyone needing the report.

  9. Hello Mr. Johnson,

    I am looking for some training on Shelbynext and Arena.

    Thank you,

  10. Hi Edna. Good to hear from you.
    I have alerted our Training Manager and someone should be contacting you shortly.
    Hope all goes well.

  11. We have been using ShelbyNext for three years without using the bank rec feature. We did do some bank recs early on (last was 3/31/2019). We want to start doing the bank recs in ShelbyNext again, but we don’t want to go through many past months of transactions to get current. Is it possible to start now without doing that? If so, how? Thank you.

  12. Sarah, just pick a month to start
    Start a new reconciliation month
    Delete all old items that have already cleared the bank
    You will then need to enter a starting balance
    If you need guidance, just give Support a call

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