I am the Financials Product Owner for Shelby Systems, Inc. a MinistryBrands company. Everything here is my personal observations and opinions and not approved in advance by Shelby Systems, Inc. and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Company.

2 thoughts on “DISCLAIMER”

  1. Do you have a tutorial or printed training for ACH contributions? That was not covered in our original training for ShelbyNext.

  2. Hi Syneva:
    Sorry, I do not. Shelby Financials accepts journal entries from several membership programs which handles all contributions.
    However, I am aware of a couple of ways. ShelbyNext Membership uses our online giving application, which can be configured to accept ACH and/or credit card transactions. Arena has this same option, but I believe it can also create ACH files which you would generate on behalf of your donors, then upload that ACH file to your bank. You would need to set up the ACH file specifications used by your bank and then do a test run to make sure that transactions will be accepted.
    Also, you can call Support and they can help get you going.

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