Considering moving to ShelbyNext | Financials and/or Arena Select Hosted? The following points
may help with your decision.

1. Hardware Costs – Based on figures from a current customer: the cost for new servers,
software server licenses, installation, and implementation on are approximately $9000.
Ongoing IT service can average over $500 per month. With a hosted solution, all hardware
costs are the vendor’s responsibility and not yours.
2. Reducing Capital Expenses – Church budgets are usually set for a year and sometimes do not
include a capital outlay for the replacement of a server. Moving to SaaS (Software as a
Service) offers a manageable and budgeted monthly cost. No more surprises when a server
needs to be replaced.
3. Updates – Shelby Systems performs all needed updates, eliminating the need to schedule
updates with IT staff, volunteers, or a costly 3rd party IT service.
4. Backups – Backups are configured and managed by Shelby Systems. You can rest assured that
your data is fully backed up and secure. We usually hear from at least one church per month
that they were confident that they were getting nightly backups with their current setup, but
when the server crashed, they discovered their backups were not usable.
5. Platform Independent – ShelbyNext | Financials are compatible with PC, MAC, Android, or any iOS
6. Available Anywhere – Access ShelbyNext | Financials anytime and anywhere using any web
compliant browser. Inclement weather may keep you at home, but you won’t have to wait
on posting that payroll. With Shelby software, you can still meet those deadline crunches
when being “at the office” is not an option.
7. Scalability/Applications/#Users – Scale up or down on the number of users as needed. When you
need to add functionality, simply add the needed module or remove it when it’s no longer
8. Improved Security – You need your church’s information to be secure but you may not always have
the expertise or tools to accomplish the needed security level. ShelbyNext | Financials is hosted in a
private cloud in a location where state of the art security measures are in place and closely

Signs It May Be Time To Move
1. Aging server.
2. Leaders/staff use a variety of devices – PC, Mac, mobile phones, tablets, etc.
3. Working outside of the office becoming necessary.
4. Losing IT staff or needing to reduce third-party IT service.

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