January 2, 2018


Several states have released 2018 withholding updates effective today.  We have updated the Financials Payroll withholding tables including those changes.  We anticipate additional state action and will continue to update the withholding tables as needed.  In addition, the IRS has advised employers to continue using the 2017 withholding tables through January 2018.


Dec. 13, 2017

The IRS is continuing to closely monitor the pending legislation in Congress, and we are taking the initial steps to prepare guidance on withholding for 2018. ‎We anticipate issuing the initial withholding guidance (Notice 1036) in January reflecting the new legislation, which would allow taxpayers to begin seeing the benefits of the change as early as February. The IRS will be working closely with the nation’s payroll and tax professional community during this process.

As soon as the IRS publishes the new guidelines for withholding, we will update the Financials Payroll tables.  Those updates will be sent directly to all Ministry Brands Financials customers.  Users will not need to download any files.

I will update this area as more information is made available by the IRS.


IRS Statement found at This Link:


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