Introduction: The basis for determining the best practice for using Shelby Financials Accounts Payable application may depend on the size of your staff and a few other factors.  However, there are two primary rules that you should consider having in place.  1) Checks and balances involving more than one person for paying any invoice, along […]

Remittance HQ - New Application Included with Financials Release 9.0

The new Remittance HQ application allows headquarter offices to track pledges and receipts from your reporting churches.  Denominational dioceses, conferences, districts, etc. can use the application’s tools to import apportionments and receive remittances.  For more information contact a Shelby Systems Sales Consultant.

Relationships - Coming with Financials Release 9.0

The new Relationships tool is being added to help organizations that have a daycare or school. Best practices for billing for child care or tuition requires setting up the child / student as the Customer, and then linking a parent or other responsible person as the Bill To. Before Release 9.0, finding a parent or […]

ShelbyNext Financials currently has the Purchasing Management application, which allows users to request approval for some purchase.  It also has a robust approval process which even links to Accounts Payable.  We are adding a new option which works similar to the purchase approval.  This new option tracks invoices related to approved purchases.  Once an invoice […]

When I first started working for J. C. Penney, Mr. Bailey, the store manager, gave me this piece of advice, “Do everything in a way that no one will ever question your integrity.”  And for the past 50 plus years, I have tried to conduct myself in keeping with Mr. Bailey’s words of wisdom.  Years […]

OVERVIEW:  Financials’ View Posted Journals provides two different ways to view results. With the Summary field not checked the program shows all detail based on selections made in one or more of the 10 provided filters.  Placing a check mark in the Show Summary Journal field works best where the only filter in use is the […]

My work with Shelby Systems started a little over 21 years ago.  For the first 8 years we lived in Midland, TX, and I traveled most of the time, training and working with Shelby customers.  For the next 13 years we lived in Cordova, TN where I worked out of the Shelby System offices. Yesterday, […]

Overview:  Over the past 2 decades I have seen a number of churches encourage their employees to tithe by taking a payroll deduction from their paychecks.  If you are currently using Shelby v.5 financials and have one or more employees tithing by a paycheck deduction, then you might want to read further.  If you are […]

Using Financials Password Security Settings

Overview:  Prior to Release 8.10 Admin users had the ability to choose one of the following password security strength settings: Medium: The password must be between 5 and 30 characters long and must contain at least one digit. Strong: The password must be between 8 and 30 characters long with at least one number and one […]